Sunday, 14 November 2010

The mystery of the missing trout

It was good to have a phone call from Anna yesterday and to be thinking about Christmas. She is trying to plan ahead about food and I know it is all about making it easier for me. As she hasn’t done it before and I have been doing it for years, I must remember that while she is excited about doing it, there is also a little anxiety. We all want Christmas to be relaxing so I don’t worry at all if the food is different from what we usually have, although I have made a Christmas cake and mince pies and this pleases her.

We are at the centre of a mystery and surprisingly it focuses on a harmless trout. Lots of people know Ray goes fishing and when talking to our postman, Malcolm, Ray promised him a trout. Accordingly, a trout was taken out of our freezer on Monday just before Malcolm made his postal delivery. It was wrapped in cling film and foil, placed in the centre of an oval meat platter on top of the logs stacked in the front porch.

When Malcolm came he told Ray that he would return for the fish in 15 to 20 minutes after his postal round was complete. Meanwhile Ray and I went off to the Nuffield Hospital. On our return we saw the empty plate and thought he had collected it.

Imagine my surprise on the following day when Malcolm said to me that the fish had disappeared when he returned. We all found it impossible to believe an animal could have reached up that high, grasped the fish (still frozen) and pulled it down without breaking the plate. In addition, there were no signs of any animal tracks in the porch. On the other hand, if our thief were human he must have been a very opportunistic one. There was only a twenty minute slot while the fish was there before Malcolm returned and you can’t see the porch from the road.

Yesterday we saw remains of the silver foil in the back garden which makes us think again of a very daring and lucky fox. How he got through the cling film is another matter.

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