Friday, 26 November 2010

Keeping cosy

Raymond is going to bring in some of the seasoned logs. Yesterday we had a wonderful fire all day and evening but today it is playing hard to get so it looks like there is a mixture of unseasoned logs there. When I hear my cousin talking about a Canadian winter I feel very spoilt but I think they are geared up to the cold weather far more than we are.

I noticed that when I went shopping yesterday I was looking for warming foods, even desserts. I am not really a fan of sticky toffee pudding but I paused beside the range of suet puddings, really tempted in a way I haven’t been for years.

I haven’t heard back from my local doctor regarding my blood tests. I think now that as I have gradually withdrawn some of the immuno-suppressants, this is probably a return of GVHD. It is both sore and itchy, not a great combination. As I am going to the Marsden on Monday, at least I can find out then.

Today is bright and sunny but without a hint of warmth. The Arctic cold hits you even when you open the front door a fraction. Although I would love to be more active, even my brain is numbed by the cold outside. I have to say that with the central heating on, a log fire lit in the sitting room and the AGA pumping out heat, we do not live in a cold house; it is just me.

A doe was on the bottom lawn this morning. She and all the other deer which visit us, seem in really good health judging by their coats. A rim of sunlight illuminated her outline and since there are no dogs any longer next door, perhaps we shall see the deer more often even in winter.

We are not running a course this month. Although we had a bit more interest in the past few days, it is too late now to put one on and I think people are deterred by the weather in case they can’t get home.

We couldn’t help wondering how older people manage in the cold, particularly if their homes are not well insulated. Many of them have only one source of heating whereas we can pick and choose. I am going downstairs to sit in an armchair chair by the woodburner with the quilt Josie made me over my knees. Today I feel like a very old lady.

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