Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Planning treatment

The CT scan yesterday dominated the day as usual but the Nuffield staff are very kind and helpful which made a difference as I had to have the cannula is the back of my hand which was quite painful as the veins are thin there. The scan meant I couldn’t eat or drink (except water) for some hours.

Anything Dr M arranges is quick so I was not surprised to learn that the scan results would be taken to the team meeting of the oncologists today. Dr M rang me this morning and discussed the recommended treatment. Apparently the lump in my groin is due to Graft Versus Host Disease and the Mantle Cell Lymphoma can only be seen in my throat so I shall have two sessions of radiotherapy plus a consultation with the doctor in charge of the department and marking up. This is where I want to put my foot down. I had no idea that before radiotherapy they tattoo you to make sure they line you up correctly on the table. It is in the form of a few dots. That may not seem terrible but think about it – is it necessary for something so permanent?

With luck I should be contacted soon by the radiotherapy department and I can begin to know when I need to go to hospital. It would be nice to be able to do other things apart from hospital visits.

I didn’t sleep last night until after 4.00 a.m. The hours do go slowly and it means that when I do sleep I awake late at 8.30 or later. The trees are even more bare and some of the local roads have been flooded. It was good to have a visit from Margaret this morning who tells me what is going on in the village. She always manages to make me laugh.

This afternoon I have been sorting through family photographs to take to my cousin tomorrow. She is going to scan them for me and it means she has a copy for her archives and I can ensure that Jonathan and Anna have one each. I think they are both too busy at the moment starting and developing their careers to have much interest in pictures of people they haven’t met, but in years to come, particularly if they have children, they will want to be able to trace family similarities.

We are looking forward to tomorrow whatever the weather is like as we are paying a visit to my aunt and cousin. Fortunately, they get on very well with Raymond and it is always a happy occasion.

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  1. I'm just going to comment on your photo! It is really lovely!