Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Better indoors than out

We had another hospital visit today but this time it was for Raymond and not for me. The Defence in his motoring case have asked him to see a specialist (now already done) and to have an x-ray and MRI scan. So it was off to the Nuffield Hospital once again. It was a typical November morning with periodic periods of rain and cold winds. I don’t think I would have ventured outside today if I didn’t have to.

Fortunately now we have come home, we don’t have to go out for anything else and I can catch up on paperwork and filing. The post had already arrived and I have an appointment on Monday with the doctor in charge of radiology at Southampton General. However, like last time I had radiotherapy, it could take two to three weeks before treatment commences.

We are just about to have a late lunch. Having medical appointments spread over lunchtime is always difficult especially with the journeys to and from hospital but it was nice for me to be able to support Raymond for a change. The rain looks as if it has set in for the rest of the day and the sky looks dismal. There is not much wildlife moving in the garden at the moment either. All the birds seem to have satiated their appetites for the day and are now sheltering and keeping warm.

It is good to see that Raymond is so thrilled with his Blackberry. I truly think we may have a convert to modern technology. He is now reading his own emails. He keeps asking me how it all works which question, of course, I can’t answer. I only know how I have valued all the traditional and electronic means of keeping in touch in the last few months especially.

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