Thursday, 25 February 2010

Stronger and longer chemo

From today the chemotherapy will be stronger as new drugs are introduced and the whole process will take up more hours in the day. In about ten days' time I shall start to lose my hair.

In the meantime, apart from constant medical observations, time is really only broken up by meals. I was fortunate yesterday in that Raymond came to see me. He had company on the journey from home to London as someone from the village was also travelling at the same time. On his return he met Anna at Southampton Central as she had been teaching an evening class. I was glad to hear that as the station is soulless at night and there is always a long wait for the train to our village since there is only one per hour. She then cooked him a meal so I was specially glad about that.

I'm not sure how well he is coping with meals at the moment but as he is running a course over the next three days, he will be going out to lunch which will help. I have been planning with Anna the shopping I can order online so that she can make some meals for him.

Jonathan should be coming this evening so I am hoping I shall not be in too bad a way by the time he arrives. The problem is that I get so tired early in the evening and he can't get to me until about 8.30 but he is such a joy.

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