Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Being in the bubble

Once again our journey to the Marsden saw sleet and flakes of snow. We were all nervous but trying not to show it. Once here, I had a choice of rooms and was pleased to see t.v. dvd and internet access. Yesterday was very tiring though. I had chemotherapy in the evening and one of the drugs made me feel very weird. I couldn't tell whether I was hot or cold. I became very agitated and couldn't concentrate on anything. All I wanted to do was whip out the line and walk around.

Ray and Anna left once Jonathan and Josie came. I felt awful as I knew they had travelled by public transport but they were so sweet and realised I wasn't well. Apparently my blood count has been low - hence the tiredness so I have had two blood transfusions each lasting three hours.

Jonathan has been filming children doing the junior version of the race for life i.e. a promotional video for the charity as the actual race takes place in July. He made me laugh as he hasn't done any filming or interviewing children before and he apparently asked some difficult questions which Josie had to translate.

I've had some really lovely messages from people wishing me well. I know I am in the best place as they are all very friendly and competent but I also know this regime is the most difficult I have ever encountered.

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