Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day -3

Yesterday consisted largely of various bags of chemo - hours and hours of it! Unfortunately this led to a rather disturbed night constantly going to the loo but there were no bad reactions to the chemo, despite lots of warnings about shivering fits, sickness etc . so I am very grateful for that.

Today looks like more of the same before the chemo drugs change tomorrow preparatory to the transplant itself. I have been hoping to go downstairs when Jonathan and Josie come as after today I shall be too neutropoenic to cope with any possible infection but I've just hurt my back and I'm waiting to see if it will improve - so silly just bending down to pick up a slipper.

It hardly sounds like a day out to go downstairs to the cafeteria, but when the world is your room that's what it amounts to. Unfortunately, it is too wet to go outside and that is affecting Raymond's preparations for the photography course today. Normally, they visit a local medieval abbey, parts of which are covered but the weather forecast is for horrific winds in the Channel. So he may have to wait and do that element this afternoon.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Jonathan and Josie. It has been a great comfort knowing that they are not too far away and perhaps my back may get better before they come.

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