Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Another step

Every day now brings something which adds to my journey. Today Ray and I had our swine flu vaccinations. I know at the moment swine flu hasn’t materialised into the epidemic that the professionals thought might happen, but I was advised by the Marsden that we should have it done.

Since my blood pressure is always low, I spent yesterday in bed after the anaesthetic as I felt quite dizzy. This is a very abnormal occurrence for me as I get up regardless of how I feel but falling over, especially downstairs, might not be a good thing at the moment. I am trying to keep as safe and germ-free as I can at the moment so that nothing is delayed.

Ray has been so good looking after me. When we were younger I could just never envisage being ill at this age. I knew I wasn’t as strong as my mother but I could never have imagined being overtaken with this. There isn’t much time now before I go into hospital so we know we must make the most of every day.

Whilst I was at the doctor’s surgery I made an appointment to see my GP in order to have my DNA taken. The receptionist looked totally bewildered and I tried to explain that my DNA was about to change because of the transplant and my doctor (knowing about my donor conception) was aware as to why I would want my original DNA recorded.

Maybe at some time in the future if I get through this, there may be an opportunity to see if I match a potential half-sibling or there may be advances which enable females to find out their paternal DNA. Whilst I think we all wonder at the marvels of modern science, there is a real gap in the teaching of ethics and responsibilities in the development of science and the effects of scientific progress on all human beings whether living now or in the future.

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