Friday, 26 February 2010

I wasn't going to write today

I wasn't going to write today. The chemo started at 12.30 and didn't finish until almost 9.30 but the side effects were fewer. Unfortunately the nurse in charge of it today was not really keeping an eye open for each drug finishing so she wasted just under two hours between 12.30 and 2.20 when it started off again.

The reason that made me a little jittery was because I really wanted it over before Jonathan came. In addition I hadn't slept properly the night before, partly it was me trying to see if hospital coffee at lunchtime was better than hospital tea, and partly because a man was in obvious distress next door. I had to get up and check to see if a nurse was with him. So I was planning to sleep a little better tonight.

Anyway Jonathan came in carrying three enormous bags full of equipment as tomorrow he is interviewing and filming some possible candidates for his programme. It was so relaxing seeing him and just chatting about this and that.

The important doctors did their rounds today. Dr Mike Potter is actually quite funny and says I should try to enjoy this weekend, perhaps going down the pub! I think he means from now on in I probably won't. The female doctors all love the quilt Josie made for me which is on my bed. They comment on my digital photoframe and all the touches which make this a little less clinical.

They are all very friendly and it makes the world of difference. Tomorrow more chemo but I hope that it won't take such a long time as today. Ray's course is going well and he seemed pleased that I didn't have the adverse reactions I suffered from yesterday's drugs which were actually quite different from today's chemo - so much variety and so much fun!

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