Friday, 19 February 2010

A busy day

I hate to think what would have happened if Ray and I had caved in and gone to the General Hospital. There is an outbreak of the winter sickness virus there which has already closed 5 wards and the neighbouring hospital is also affected. What does it say about their hygiene?

These days are going to be quite busy. As I’m feeling a little better, we did a report for Ray’s solicitor regarding one of his medical assessments. You really have to read through these with a fine toothcomb. It’s too important not to take the time to get things absolutely right because later on you can get bitter and twisted. It’s bad enough what happens when you enter any litigation procedure but if you haven’t taken a little of trouble yourself to check the professionals you have only yourself to blame.

The next thing was a visit from a Notary to witness my signature on an Affidavit which I was asked to do for a plaintiff bringing a case in British Columbia about ending the anonymity of donor parents. Whilst I was happy to help with the drafting, I was a little surprised that the Canadian solicitor expected me to find a notary and print off the Affidavit! I gently refused and they contacted one themselves, I sent the Affidavit as an attachment and the British solicitor printed it out. I have found that as I get older I get firmer.

The British solicitor’s reaction to me was that he was rather surprised at my appearance. I had insisted that anyone who came here had to be free from infection and explained about my admission to hospital next week. As Anna opened the door I think he thought she was the granddaughter, I was her mother and that a grandmother was lurking away somewhere very frail and ill. At least we could have a laugh about it but I’m not taking any risks at this stage. Anna is doing some shopping for me this afternoon as I am not meeting any more of the general public at this stage.

I am going through the practicalities of leaving everything in order and doing mountains of washing so that everything is in pristine condition to take to hospital. I’ve never been a hausfrau but who knows with a new DNA I might become one.

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