Saturday, 2 October 2010

Autumn's chill

Now I have the cold. As far as the symptoms are concerned, it is only a cold; in my case though I won’t shake it off easily and I must take care it doesn’t develop into something else. Really all this is a flea bite compared with my concern about the possibility of lymphoma returning.

It seems odd that in this day of modern technology, a PET scan can really only be relied on to give a definitive answer when there is no sign of disease. Otherwise signs are shown which then have to be investigated. It is this process of investigation which is so long-winded and causes so much anxiety. For example I am very lucky to have obtained an appointment with the ENT consultant on Wednesday next – even if it does entail driving into the centre of London. However, after the initial courtesies nothing can be really determined until a needle biopsy is organised and then there is the wait for results.

I am certainly not alone in all of this. There is an etiquette to all these appointments which is 19th Century. I spent all of Thursday afternoon trying to arrange this appointment since the consultant to whom Dr Potter had written wouldn’t have been visiting the Marsden for at least another month. Those who were, weren’t on BUPA’s approved list, hence we have to go into to the Fulham Road branch of the Royal Marsden. I just can’t face the wait. All over the country people are waiting for appointments and then waiting for procedures and then waiting for results. The problem is we are too British and uncomplaining.

Anna arrived early yesterday evening for the weekend. I made an apple pie with our apples and a ‘Mummy’ roast. The latter is a common subject of conversation amongst young people away from home. Her boyfriend has organized a van and is coming on Monday to load up the things she needs in North Wales. I am very relieved because being in a new job she needs to have a proper bed and to be able to cook for herself. Fortunately, she is very pleased with the flat she has chosen and this is a great relief to Raymond and me.

Put down the gloom to Autumn. Outside it is chilly but not raining. The Defendants’ insurers had an interim payment cheque wrung out of them and we are enjoying having Anna with us.

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