Monday, 25 October 2010

Down to earth again

After a full and happy weekend today we are down to earth with a bump. The solicitors for Ray’s accident case seem to work in fits and starts. Now there are witness statements to update and today a request for Raymond’s accounts. I am not sure what they do with them as we have given a copy of the year in question already. So now we are on the back foot.

When I went to the Marsden last week I gave the registrar a copy of my medication requests but she did not give me enough ciclosporin. This is not a run of the mill drug as it is an immuno suppressant so it has taken Raymond some time this morning to convince the local surgery reception that I must have this drug urgently. Fortunately, the people in the pharmacy associated with the surgery are more on the ball and they have promised to get the drug for me by tomorrow. I need 25 mg tablets and take three at a time but I only have a few 10 mg tablets left so I seem to be getting through enormous quantities.

I keep getting surprises about who actually reads this blog. Some are complete strangers who find it because they have lymphoma or are donor conceived, others saw the link in the Daily Telegraph article and Raymond gave several people the website as it was easier sometimes for them to read about what is happening to us rather than explaining and perhaps being a little upset. Sometimes I receive follow-up emails or phone calls which is really nice. I began it because I had to get a number of things out of my system and I didn’t want to be bothering the family constantly, but now it is also a way of keeping in touch.

Not a lot is getting done today. When I think what I used to do in a day when I worked full time! I also used to get rather impatient when retired people said they didn’t know how they found time to go to work. I definitely think it is a case of Parkinson’s Law and we take longer to complete tasks because we have more time available.

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