Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My birthday

No matter what is happening, birthdays are always special. I have been thrilled to have so many greetings from here and overseas. Royal Mail even exerted themselves to deliver a card from Australia bang on time.

After opening presents and cards first thing I went to see my mother. I promised to take her to buy some new shoes and as it was raining lightly, I went early so we could park right outside the shop so she wouldn’t get cold or wet. The trip was successful and she is pleased with the shoes and came back to us for coffee and biscuits. It is always lovely to see her on my actual birthday.

The weather has brightened up now which I am pleased about as we are going down to Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth to look around and have lunch. It can be quite cold there so I’m glad it is milder.

I made sure that I prepared the guestroom yesterday as Anna is coming down this evening. She will be tired after a six hour train journey with several changes but it will be so good to see her. She can’t stay in her flat as she has taken about half of her furniture up to Wrexham.

I am so glad that I can have flowers and plants in the house now. It seemed so strange without them and I have been given two beautiful pink orchids, a cyclamen and an arum lily.

Today’s blog is rather short as Raymond is waiting for me downstairs ready to go out to lunch. We shall try to put the more stressful aspects of our lives on the backburner today and take time out to enjoy ourselves.

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