Friday, 15 October 2010

Looking after each other

The catarrh is back and Raymond looks as if he is coming down with something. He has taken a lemsip and is having a lie down. The weather outside doesn’t help. It is really quite cold and very cloudy, altogether not a very cheerful day and we are both trying to keep our spirits up.

I think I am still more calm than before the biopsy as at least that was an active step to take. More and more I realise how the bone marrow transplant was part of an ongoing process. I have to come to terms with the fact that it may be unsuccessful and even if successful, there are setbacks along the road. Most of us are used to operations for which we have to screw up courage, we undergo them and then recover. This process is far more subtle.

The house seems so quiet now Anna has gone. We didn’t live in each other’s pockets but I had forgotten how often we just had a chat. I think she is having to work very hard in her new post but she is equal to the challenge. Jonathan, too, is starting in a new position next week. Although I am sure he could have renewed his BBC contract, he wanted experience in fields other than consumer affairs. He is moving to a well-known documentary company as an assistant producer and is looking forward to the change of direction very much.

We have an elderly friend (in her nineties) who is a former nurse. She is being very strict with us at the moment making sure we both rest and eat well. She has her bag packed ready to come over. Although this makes us laugh, it also is a reality check and we know we must be disciplined to stay as healthy as possible so we can look after each other.

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