Saturday, 1 January 2011

First day of 2011

The start of a New Year is so full of promise that there is a buzz and a feeling of making a fresh start which is highly infectious.  It affects me in this way no matter what the reality may be.  The date 31st December is always special for Raymond and me as this is when our daughter was born.  I remember the icy path to the car as I set off for the Princess Anne Hospital.  There were no parties for those of us with new babies, but being on the fifth floor I could look out and see snow on the hills far beyond Southampton.  It was a thrilling time and I have to say that the period when our children were small was a time of great happiness.

When I was younger, or at least a little younger than I am now, I never regretted the passing of the years; I never wanted to go back to a younger me.  I felt, and still do, that every age has its difficulties and its rewards.    As we age, there is a quiet confidence we didn’t possess when younger and we can take pleasure in the experience we have in our profession or hobbies.  It is sometimes sad when circumstances mean we can’t use that experience but I am a firm believer in new doors opening. 

I always hoped that when I retired I could ensure that my horizons did not narrow.  We wanted to travel more and I planned to study for my PhD.  After spending years busy working outside the home, retirement meant being able to spend more time together.  Well the best-laid schemes don’t always materialise and perhaps I’m not the best judge of what is right for us.  I do know that as a family we’d like this to be a good and memorable year.

This morning my mother is coming over for coffee and I look forward to seeing her.  I have presents to give her from Jonathan and Anna so she will be delighted.  Later this evening Raymond and I are going to one of our favourite restaurants.  We hope it won’t be as crowded as it would have been last night but we think it will make an enjoyable start to the year.

A Happy New Year to you all.

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