Friday, 28 January 2011

Escaping from hell

Clinically I should be in hospital.  After very strong chemotherapy which totally wiped out my white blood cells, I contracted shingles/chicken pox, something my body could not withstand.without an immune system.  I spent, so I am told, about a week in intensive care.  I was in and out of consciousness – then transferred to another high dependency ward.  I think I was in a catatonic state for some time.

Medically the best care should have been in hospital but in all other respects I have been in hell.  This blog must be short as I am very ill.  It is better to be at home regardless of outcome as the degradation I was suffering was frightening and despite my family’s best efforts, it was impossible to secure my physical and mental wellbeing when they could not be with me.

With great difficulty I managed to discharge myself from hospital yesterday.  Ray got me into a wheelchair and we made our escape.  Security at first resisted by preventing Ray from bringing in my clothes.  It took absolute determination to counter medical arguments but I was being reduced to a frightened shell.  I won’t write any more now but gradually if I do get stronger I shall explain.

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