Monday, 2 August 2010

Troublesome skin

I was awake all night as my skin was really irritating. Gradually I saw the sky begin to lighten and I realised we would have an early start as Anna was catching the train at 5.56 a.m. and Ray was going to walk to the station with her. We both got up and, as is our usual practice in the summer, looked out of the window at the back garden. A whole drama was played out before our eyes. A young stag came on to the upper lawn followed by two fox cubs. The stag did his best to shake off his admirers who were later joined by two more. While the stag stalked off to the garden next door, the fox cubs proceeded to play and jump around delighting us both.

We saw Anna off for her third trip to Turkey. Cranfield University and possibly another excavate the site every summer and this year she is one of the supervisors. She is quite used to travelling on her own but we always feel just a little anxious for her.

When Ray came back we had breakfast together and it was lovely and quiet. I do love the early mornings and lately I have been missing them because I have had to sleep late as I have had troubled nights.

Getting myself ready is quite an ordeal now with the eczema. I have Oilatum in the bath, treat my scalp with special lotion, then moisturize from head to foot with quite a thick lotion provided by the hospital. There doesn’t seem to be any improvement whatsoever so it is quite difficult to be optimistic. I console myself with thinking that if I didn’t do all of this, it could be even worse.

However, the early start means we can complete our admin. and have plenty of time left for other things. The day looks as if it will be fine and it will be good to get outside but I shall be glad to receive a message from Anna to know that she has reached Istanbul safely.

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