Thursday, 26 August 2010

Requiem for Eyebrows

I’m a bit miffed. I was so pleased when my eyebrows returned as my hair is still convict short and they made me look more normal but now the eczema has taken them. I call it eczema because it’s the nearest rash that I think people know about but basically it is one of the symptoms of graft versus host disease. My eyelashes have nearly gone too and I did wait some time for them to return.

Although my recovery has been a little up and down, on Monday when we saw Bob at the Royal Marsden, he was wearing a mask. He has another virus infection which has apparently been going around. In fact, in the clinic I counted about ten patients wearing masks so at least so far I have been spared that. I have been very wary of crowds and public places although in summer there are far fewer infections to worry about.

As I wrote before, my PET scan is booked for 6th September and I hope to receive the results within a few days. It takes at least two days to interpret but as the last one was a little inconclusive we all need to know whether the lymphoma has returned. This really is a crucial test and because I keep referring to it, it is obviously on my mind. I try to be relaxed about everything but it’s always there at the back of my mind. As I have to fit pentamidine inhalation also into that same visit to the Marsden, it is going to be a busy day.

We plan to go to London on the Sunday evening as it will be an early start on the following day. Fortunately, we can stay with Jonathan which takes the stress out of trying to reach London by 8.30 in the morning from home with all the usual rush-hour traffic. It will be really good to see Jonathan and Josie.

Anna has now applied for three university lectureships and she has one definite interview so far which we are really thrilled about. She is having to juggle so many balls in the air with the adult and continuing education which has been already offered. However, she obviously would really like one full-time post and we think she has a lot to offer and really deserves the opportunity.

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