Friday, 20 August 2010

Being re-energised

After so much sun we have a dull day. We hope it will brighten up tomorrow as it is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and we are thinking of going to Shoreham Airport. Last week when we went to a restaurant with other members of the family overlooking the airfield they were practising a dog fight using a Spitfire and a German fighter plane. Several members of my family were involved with the production of the Spitfire and the noise of its engine is unmistakable. We won’t mind if it is dull as long as it doesn’t rain.

For a few days my skin calmed down but now it is red and angry again and nothing I try is working. I sleep very little at the moment and I am also keeping Raymond awake which isn’t good. The main problem is that the cause of this problem isn’t an allergy but directly related to the graft versus host problems. I hope they may have some more answers at the hospital as we are going to the Marsden on Monday.

For a while when I was very ill Anna suspended her PhD studies but we had a long talk the other day and she is determined to restart in a few months. The time away has made her decide to adapt slightly what she has been doing so that it is more in line with the forensic work she is now involved in. She is very pleased to know that I want to start again too. It is interesting that the months of suspension have made us both reconsider our topics and the relationship with supervisors.

Anna seems re-energised and I think the successful teaching at Oxford and supervision of the dig in Turkey have done her good. She is now waiting for two universities to indicate whether they would like to interview her for a lectureship. It is a difficult time for graduates now as far as employment is concerned. It will be very good if we can both start studying again in February as we encourage each other.

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