Friday, 6 August 2010

Cowes Week

We chose a good day to go to the Isle of Wight as it was breezy enough off shore for the yachts but sunny and warm onshore. We managed to see the two twelve metre yachts recreating the original America’s Cup Race arriving at Cowes.

It was a lovely calm crossing both ways and I always enjoy the chain ferry connecting East and West Cowes as it reminds me of the floating bridge which used to connect the two sides of Southampton when I was a child. We were fortunate in being able to use the Island Sailing Association because of our membership of the Royal Naval Sailing Association as it was a comfortable stopping off place for a drink, lunch and a good view of the water.

Most people interested in the racing gravitate towards the Royal Yacht Squadron and lots were sitting on Cowes Green listening to the race being broadcast. It brought back memories of bringing the children over during Cowes Week and picnicking there. It was so lovely having a normal day going out together and enjoying each other’s company.

Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well. My whole body is red and my face feels as if it is on fire. I hope they have some suggestions when we go to the Royal Marsden on Monday so I can achieve some relief. At the moment the itching and soreness occupies my mind 24 hours a day. I am trying to keep busy to help take my mind off it a little.

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