Sunday, 1 August 2010

This week

Today is overcast and the change to a slightly cooler temperature is most welcome. Raymond did some good work in the garden and then watched the Hungarian Gran Prix. Anna is home from a successful week at Oxford and preparing to depart tomorrow for Turkey where she is supervising on an archaeological dig. This will be her third summer out in very rural Turkey and she loves it there.

I got up very slowly this morning. My skin was very bad during the night so I had little sleep. I have a rash from my scalp to my feet and it is not only excruciatingly itchy but also sore. I am conscious of it every minute of the day and now it has reached my face which I had hoped was the one area I could keep free. Although it has been very hot I am wearing long sleeves all the time and covering my legs, partly because I think the rash is unsightly but also because I am less likely to touch it. I am hoping and praying that my immunity issues will gradually be resolved so I can get back to normal.

Often at this time of year we are away on holiday but I don’t think we shall go until September. If we are here during the first week of August we like to go to the Isle of Wight for Cowes Week. Ray, of course, loves the actual yacht races while I soak in the atmosphere. Cowes is always absolutely buzzing as people are there from all over the world and the normally sleepy little town comes alive. We are planning to go in the middle of the week so I hope the weather will be good. It is wonderful to go over from Southampton on the standard ferry so that we really feel we are amongst the racing and can look down on to the decks of the yachts and see the crew at work. We get so close to the boats that I am amazed there are no accidents but the ferry masters take it all in their stride.

In a couple of months the weather will grow colder and people will start having coughs and colds. At that stage I shall have to be very careful about mixing with numbers of people as my immunity is still low, so we must make the most of our opportunities while the risk is lower.

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