Monday, 23 August 2010


I’ve just come back from the Marsden Hospital. Ray is tired because a lot of concentration is needed driving on the motorways, so he is resting. Although the cyclosporine which the hospital put me on last time helped a little for the first few days my skin is now as bad as ever. Dr Potter has prescribed some more tablets as he says that no creams will be able to solve the problems of GVHD and it has to be attacked from inside the body. So we will see.

I am tired because of lack of sleep. I spend 24 hours a day itching and it just takes over your mind. I am praying I will get some relief. However, some patients with Graft Versus Host Disease have it so badly they have to return to the hospital as in-patients so goodness knows what they are going through.

It is six months since the transplant and I am thankful that in so many other ways I am better. A PET scan is arranged for 6th September so they can check up whether any lymphoma remains. Dr Potter did say that as the donor graft is so strong at the moment it will be also strengthening my immunity to fight the lymphoma which is promising.

The weather at the weekend was very uncertain. We had planned to go to the airshow at Shoreham Airport but it turned out to be showery and the cloud cover was very low so that the Battle of Britain re-enactments would be difficult or impossible to do. In the event we went to see my aunt and cousin who had been planning to visit Shoreham like us, but who had also been put off by the weather. It wasn’t the Saturday we had planned but it turned out to be fun anyway.

It has been good to get out and about again. Six months is a real landmark and I’m certainly grateful for all the care that has been given to me.

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