Friday, 13 August 2010


Today has a chilly feel about it. I went out earlier and found the wind very keen. I still feel the cold quite badly anyway so it did not feel like summer. I am glad the weather yesterday was better.

We went down to Worthing to see my aunt, cousin and to meet with relatives over from Canada. We had lunch at the Sussex Pad which is very near to Shoreham Airport. They were practising for the forthcoming air show. It was fascinating because they were performing a dogfight between a German fighter aircraft and a Spitfire. David from Canada works in the aircraft industry but hadn’t seen one before. I think he was very startled to realise that my Aunt Irene had helped to build them during the Second World War at the Supermarine Aircraft Works in Southampton.

We had a relaxing lunch after which Raymond, Wendy and David went for a flight over that part of Sussex so they could see the various landmarks including Arundel Castle. We were very glad the weather was good otherwise it would not have been a good experience. I was quite tired and the eczema on the palms of my hands was very painful but I enjoyed the day and the last time I saw Wendy was when I had just graduated and my mother paid for me to go to Canada where I stayed with Wendy’s family.

Today my skin is a little better. It is now very flaky but less red and angry. I am still not sleeping but I am sure the cyclosporine is beginning to work. We have had an easy day today and it was good to welcome Anna back from Turkey. She does find it cold after the hot temperatures she has been experiencing. Tomorrow Jonathan is coming down from London just for the day and it will be great to see him.

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