Sunday, 15 August 2010

The bubble then and now

When I entered the bubble in February this year I knew how seriously the fight to prevent infection at a crucial time would be waged. My bubble had four walls and entry into the bubble was limited. Cleaning took place several times a day and nurses used strict methods to prevent hospital acquired infection.

Before I even came home the family had thought carefully about how to make the home as clean and safe as possible so I came home to another bubble. My contact with other people was limited and everything I used, whether crockery or bed linen was tested for cleanliness. Gradually I grew stronger, was less sick and my medication was reduced and to my great joy I was allowed to eat a greater variety of foods. But the bubble remains even though it is unseen.

I have been asked by several people when I am likely to recover and you can see the surprise on their faces when I say it takes a year. However, because of growing stronger I have grown a little complacent about infection, particularly as in summer few people have coughs and colds. The Marsden medical’s staff’s reaction to Bob’s sniffles and slight cough was a real wake up call and when we reach the end of summer I am going to have to be very careful.

Jonathan came to see us yesterday and is so keen to take us to concerts in London. We would love to go, especially as we could stay overnight with him. I was so nearly tempted to go to a concert in December as a family and then common sense prevailed. I know I shall be invited to all sorts of events at the school where I used to teach but I must refuse as children come into contact with younger brothers and sisters with infections such as chicken pox and measles. Of course I have had all these ailments and once had immunity, but no longer and these illnesses often quite harmless for children, are not kind to adults.

It’s going to be a challenge because I have enjoyed some of my outings this summer and however careful we are there are going to be some risks. But we have come so far. The bubble still exists and I have to have the self-discipline to stay within it. It is the key to better health in the future.

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