Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sunny days

The weather is still fine and sunny. It has been a few years since we had a similar spell of warm weather. Last year it rained most of the summer just as many more people than usual were trying to spend a holiday at home.
The deer are very apparent at the moment. There was a doe in the garden this morning eating away at the flowers and over the weekend the whole family including the two fawns had a lovely time in the back garden. It is wonderful to see the fawns trying out their legs for speed.
My neck is very fiery at the moment as the graft v host disease eczema has spread. It is quite uncomfortable but I am inwardly stronger so I am coping quite well. It makes it easier for Raymond to go to France for a couple of days if he knows I am all right. He has some cleaning to do on the boat  before the new fuel tanks go in.
I am looking forward to seeing the BBC programme Moneywatch this evening as Jonathan has been working on it as a researcher for some months. He returns to Rogue Traders shortly for a while but this time as an assistant producer. When you hear the vast salaries of some of the BBC executives it is galling since most of the people who work for them are on very short-term contracts with no security.
I am so glad I can read again. I am making the most of this opportunity but I am beginning to feel I need to use my brain once more. I have never had such a long period of inactivity but physically I am only just beginning to regain my strength. There is a long journey ahead with lots of difficult symptoms to cope with but I am feeling more positive about everything.

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