Friday, 9 July 2010

The need for a break

Raymond is back this morning after a very short break in France where he has been working on the boat. He has to get on with the refurbishment as the boat is out of the water and there is a limited time it can spend on the hard. I have missed him and would normally have gone too and we would have gone for a longer period. Usually we spend some time exploring the region and I am quite happy reading while he works on the boat varnishing etc. However, I can’t go to France yet until my condition becomes more stable.

We have some friends in Carentan who have a gite and when the boat is out of the water we can stay there and it is very comfortable. When I think of the people we know in Carentan, our walks and the wild life I feel I miss it very much.

I hope we can get away for a few days in September once we know how the graft versus host disease is progressing. I would love to have a break and change of scene. This time last year Anna and I were in Ireland staying in a cottage belonging to a friend of hers. I had just endured six months of chemotherapy, a period of waiting to find a bone marrow donor, and the bombshell about my conception. So I really needed to get away. It was a wonderful week despite the weather which really recharged my batteries. There is always an element of risk in going away when you are undergoing hospital treatment, however this has to be weighed against the benefit of a change of scene, time away from the business and new places to explore.

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