Thursday, 22 July 2010


Yesterday afternoon and evening I was unwell. I had a severe stomach upset and couldn’t eat. Today I am better so I think it was a ‘one-off’ event but Raymond was very worried as we both know that Graft Versus Host Disease can get worse very quickly. Today as I feel normal it makes me realize just how ill I was when I first came out of hospital as that was a daily occurrence and I have made so much progress since then.

Those stomach upsets did cause me to lose a lot of weight, not only what I gained in hospital because of the fluid intake via the drips, but an additional stone. Anna was sorting out some clothes for the charity shop and gave me a skirt she no longer wears which was too good to dispose of. She is shorter than I am and it fitted on the hips but is too large on the waist so that was a warning. I’d like to get back to about 8 stone as I need all the strength I can muster to cope with the months to come.

I went to bed early yesterday but couldn’t help noticing the fox cubs on the lawn at dusk. There were three of them rolling around and play-fighting, such a wonderful sight.

I’m certainly glad I am better today as Raymond really needs to concentrate on preparing for the course. I usually do some work in the background as far as refreshments and preparing the wedding dresses and flowers for the wedding element on the Saturday. However, we have been doing it so long it usually goes like clockwork.

Anna is running a summer school for Continuing Education at Oxford University next week so she, too, has been very busy. It is a slightly nerve-wracking time as people are flying in from the far flung and she feels a real sense of responsibility for its success. I know from her preparation that it will be and it is another addition to her CV.

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