Saturday, 10 July 2010


This has been a largely uneventful week, mainly because Raymond was in France and I tend to do things with him. We did have a pleasant surprise yesterday as Jonathan and Josie rang to say that they would like to drop in on their way to camping in the New Forest. They weren’t able to stay long but it was lovely to see them. Jonathan was quizzing me about what I thought of Moneywatch. I notice in the credits that he is the only named researcher.

They certainly chose the perfect weekend for camping as it is very warm and still. Their camp site allowed them to have a camp fire so they took a few of our logs with them. They seemed to have enough food for a barbeque banquet but then that is what camping is all about in summer. I felt quite nostalgic for all the times we camped on the continent when the children were small.

The hot weather at night is quite difficult to cope with at the moment as my skin is so itchy and dry. I long for some cooler temperatures but I know this sun is such a bonus for so many people, particularly if they are taking their holidays in this country. It is a long time since we had such a prolonged spell of good weather.

Some of the other symptoms of the graft versus host disease are also a little difficult to cope with so I hope the Marsden can offer some solutions on Monday because I think this is going to be a long haul.

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