Saturday, 3 July 2010

Coping with graft versus host disease

It is quite tricky coming to terms with the fact that the bone marrow transplant which aims to give a long term cure, brings with it symptoms I didn’t have before the transplant, such as changes in my mouth. My mouth is perpetually dry and my taste is altered. I always drank Earl Grey tea but now dislike all tea. It can be embarrassing to accept food when out with family or in a cafĂ© which I then find I don’t like when formerly I would have enjoyed it. I have managed to stabilize my weight loss but not really to increase my appetite.

From my research I think my graft versus host disease is probably the chronic version. At the moment it is comparatively mild although the eczema now covers most of my body. It can last several months or even years but we won’t go there. So many people manage to cope with the most difficult disabilities that I must learn from them how to cope and rise above them.

Yesterday was a little cloudier and we finalized the arrangements for the course. The Slovakians have arrived and all seems to be going well. As ever I have played my small part but mainly I have indulged myself by watching Wimbledon. It is a luxury to be able to watch matches as they are happening which I couldn’t do when I was working.

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