Tuesday, 18 May 2010

In the library

Our internet has been unreliable since we switched providers but in the last few days it has not been working at all. Hence I am in the local library. As it may take some time to switch back to BT I could be in here quite often.

Yesterday I went to the Marsden. Whilst waiting I met someone who was on the ward at the same time as I was. In fact he switched to my room after I left. It was interesting to compare notes. Like me he has been weak and lacking concentration. However, we both found we have improved in the last two weeks and are able to read at last. This has been a real source of difficulty for me.

The appointment with the doctor went well and it has been arranged that I shakll have my hickman line removed next month. I shall also have a CT scan to determine whether there is any mantle cell lymphoma still lurking. This gives me something else to worry about but I don't think anything really reassures you completely once you have had cancer/lymphoma.

I am now sleeping better and don't have the weird dreams I had in hospital and when I first came out. It is wonderful to be able to read again; I hated not having the concentration for even the newspaper. I am still sticking to light fiction at the moment but this is a start.

At the weekend Raymond took a chair outside for me so I could supervise him putting in the plants in our back garden. It has been sadly neglected for some time but we have made a start which cheers me. A little stag, perhaps one of last year's fawns, has taken to sleeping on our back lawn under the apple tree so we must be doing something right. It is great to see him return.

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