Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Trying not to be judgmental

I recently received an email out of the blue from someone who has been researching the attitudes of donor conceived adults as she is planning to go down the route of having a baby by donor conception. I think she must have been directed towards my blog as it is a link to other blogs on donor conception.

In the part of the world where she lives I think this is still done anonymously. I think the bitterness of many adults who have discovered they were donor conceived has shocked her and the emphasis on the outcome for the child rather than the very real desires of the infertile couple.

Knowing how natural it is to want your own child it is difficult to be harsh and judgmental but she seemed very dismissive of the importance of the genetic link between the child and his/her biological parent. I think she has already made up her own mind on the subject despite her assertion that she has been doing all this research. I am certainly glad that medical science has come up with many ways of helping infertile couples and it is natural to concentrate on the couple who are suffering rather than the child who is the outcome but in the case of donor conception I do hope that these days there is a little more balance in thinking about what is the best course of action.

I am just off to the Marsden for routine checks.

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