Monday, 10 May 2010

The eyebrows are back!

It has been a strange weekend without Raymond. Fortunately, Anna has been here but I haven’t wanted to monopolise her time as Dave has also been spending the weekend here. Raymond has been in France checking up on the boat but returned yesterday evening and I have certainly missed him.

As I’m not supposed to do much around the house it does leave me with very little to do. Anna is helping me try to think of some new projects but it is difficult until my concentration improves. I am able to read a little, certainly a little more than even a fortnight ago, but it is limited to newspapers and light fiction at the moment. I can’t help feeling it is all inextricably linked with physical progress. Anna took me for a short walk this morning which seemed a good time as later on in the day, either I am tired or other conflicting tasks crop up. One thing to have happened in the last fortnight is that my eyebrows are back. This is a vast improvement and makes me seem more human. It's just a pity that there is no movement on the rest of my hair.

Raymond seems to be happy about what he achieved on the boat and several people we know have been asking if I can go to France. If we stay with Peter and Sarah in their gite and don’t go to restaurants, I can’t really see that there is a problem. I could still go out in the car and for some walks. I wouldn’t be able to get health insurance and would have to rely on my E111 but we can travel back to the UK very easily from Carentan so I think I am going to be persuaded to go when my Hickman line is removed.

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