Monday, 31 May 2010

Hoping the transplant is working

The holiday weekend weather wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t nearly as warm as the previous weekend but it remained largely dry. We went for a couple of walks. One was in the Victoria Country Park which was fine going one way but on the return we took a path amongst the trees as the wind blowing off Southampton Water was rather cold.

I am not supposed to do any gardening because of the potential for fungal infections. This is very frustrating as although Raymond mows the lawns, weeding is not his forte. I had to stand outside this morning and supervise whilst he got rid of some of the bindweed which afflicts this garden. We were both amazed how every single flower head had been very carefully eaten off the carnations which he had recently put in. The deer seem particularly partial to red flowers but they mainly devour plants in the rear garden, not a flowerbed right underneath the window to our sitting room. They are so bold at this time of year.

The imminent PET scan has been filling me with foreboding. I know that in the natural course of things, the lymphoma would be returning now but I am hoping against hope that this new bone marrow transplant is actually working. I find it very difficult to concentrate on other matters when I feel I don’t know what is going on. I wish I could feel more confident that my body will be able to fight off this scourge.

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