Friday, 28 May 2010

Wild life

Our garden has been full of wild life. This morning a vixen and her little cub were playing on the back lawn from around 9.00 a.m. Yesterday the smaller of the two stags visited the back garden and earlier the doe came with one fawn. We are left wondering whether this is just one doe with one fawn or whether there are two does, one of which has two fawns. At all events they find plenty to eat in the flower beds and not usually the weeds. Ray has taken photographs but they are on film. This is where my little digital camera, although good, doesn’t come up to scratch.

I have just sent an email to the two visitors from Slovakia who attended Ray’s course at the weekend. Unfortunately, both Ray and I didn’t know much about Slovakia which probably seems pretty ignorant. Anyway they obviously forgave us because they sent a parcel containing some really magnificent books which I have been reading since they arrived earlier today. I can’t quite get over how quickly they were delivered, just a day since posting. As they are returning in July on an Advanced Portraiture Course, we shall be able to thank them properly and hopefully demonstrate that we are a little less ignorant than before.

This morning I needed to have a new screw put into my glasses which are quite new. While we were at the opticians I managed to persuade Ray to get some new glasses. He has been putting it off for ages and it will be good to see him in something more modern. He tends to spend money on the boat but to think twice about spending on himself.

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