Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Beauty on the doorstep

Sometimes we overlook the beauties just on our doorstep. We are lucky our garden at the bottom runs into woodland and every morning when I draw the curtains I see all the trees. However, since the children have been adult I haven’t done much walking in the woods themselves. The walking circuit we used to do every morning before my transplant is on the other side of the village and is too demanding. This morning I just walked down to the bottom of my own road which goes through the woods and returned.

Once this road was the main road from our village to the next but as it looped around, in the interests of efficiency another road was driven through to cut off the loop and our road became a cul de sac. A barrier prevents cars going much beyond the houses so gradually nature has reclaimed the sides of the road. It is still possible to see the cat’s eyes but it has become nothing more than a single track under a wonderful canopy of trees. A few dog walkers use the woods but otherwise they are remarkably free from human activity and the bird song is heavenly.

It’s actually quite a good beginner’s walk for me as it is a gradual climb on the way back and as there is so much to see it isn’t particularly difficult. In addition, as it’s right on the doorstep I can do it on my own although so far I’ve been with either Anna or Raymond. Probably after a couple of weeks I shall have to move on to another challenge but for the moment the beautiful walk on the doorstep is just enough.

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