Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A reclusive life

After a couple of dismal and very cold days, the sun is out and the weather is picking up. It really could do with being a little more consistent in temperature considering that it is June. I still feel the cold dreadfully so the warmer days are so much better.

Ray has had to prompt his solicitor once again about trying to move ahead with the case concerning his accident four years ago. There ought by now to be a time schedule instituted by the Court. We have just received the report from the other side’s forensic accountant and over the next few days we shall try to examine its findings carefully as they will need to be refuted. It is difficult to believe the games that insurers and loss adjusters will play to avoid paying out in what should be a black and white case. Biffa, whose lorry ploughed into the line of stationary traffic in which Ray was situated, have washed their hands of all responsibility so the moral question does not really come into play.

I ought really to be making the most of the summer because when the autumn and winter months come there is going to be so much more danger of being surrounded by infection. However, I am finding it difficult to motivate myself into activity. If I could be sure that this bone marrow transplant were working it would be easier but I am so afraid of being too hopeful and thinking I have a future that it is very easy to become depressed because the outcome is unknown. The drama of being in hospital is over and now I must cope with a somewhat reclusive life and a lack of independence and I am finding this more difficult than I had anticipated.

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