Saturday, 23 January 2010

Running out of puff

Yesterday and today I have been incredibly tired. The emotional turmoil and uncertainty of the last few weeks have taken their toll. I feel much better having told my oncologist about the Royal Marsden as I don’t like to be secretive. Now I must look to getting everything in order to make life as easy as possible for the family. At least I did the dentist/optician visits when I thought I was going into hospital before.

Ray is running a course this weekend so I am involved in the background and yesterday I sorted out lots of admin. that I had been putting off. I think with all the travel and extra bits and pieces you need for going into hospital isolation, that it is all going to be quite expensive.

Anna has been going up to Stafford University to examine some skeletons in order to write a forensic report. Travelling up there and back hasn’t always proved very easy, especially when it was snowing so her friend loaded them in the car and they were brought back yesterday. She is going to get a collapsible table so that she can work on them here so her flat will resemble a laboratory at times but it will save some journeys. Perhaps if she leaves them out without putting them away at night, it will deter burglars.

Jonathan dropped in last night, having travelled down by train from London. He looked like mountain man and I don’t remember ever seeing anyone with such a large backpack. He was waiting for his friend to drive up from Exeter then they were going camping. Yes, I repeat camping – in all that rain. I’m not really surprised, from the time they were born, we would take them out walking rain or shine and we did a lot of camping on the continent as we could go so much further and stay so much longer. However, that was in summer, not January. I think the plan is to do some fishing and certainly today has brought some milder weather. Perhaps we can look forward to trout tomorrow.

Jonathan and his friend set off at about 10.00 p.m. and I was, at last, able to go to bed, campers and skeletons notwithstanding.

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