Monday, 11 January 2010

Picking up the threads

Much of my blog is concerned with my slow journey towards having a bone marrow transplant. At each stage just when I think I am making progress there is another hurdle to overcome. Another part of my blog reflects my concerns about my own origins, having discovered a few months ago that I was donor-conceived.

I haven’t spoken of this to very many people but usually I am met with incomprehension and platitudes. This is where the article in the Daily Telegraph really helped as it enabled some people to read the background to the story and take time to form an opinion in the light of my dilemma.

I had thought that it would be young people who would think that infertility was no big secret and that it is sensible to carry out procedures to improve the situation. Many older people still have this sense that this is an area which shouldn’t be discussed – but not all and I have been pleasantly surprised.

Usually people are not really able to help me in my search but just recently a friend has been putting her logical mind to the problem. During her working life she was involved with areas of investigation and she has made some good suggestions. It may be that nothing will come of this, but to have some help in my search really lifts my spirits because it means that some people do understand that it is not a rejection of my parents whom I loved and who loved me, but part of the very real human need to know about one’s origins.

I have enjoyed not going to the hospital for two days. The week ahead brings 5 more treatments, then next week I am due to go to the Royal Marsden. At long last some things have been finalised such as my ENT operation. I have found it difficult to cope with everything being in the air.

It was good to start the week with a walk. The woods were eerily quiet and the paths rather slippery. Dark clouds overhead threaten more snow but it is holding off and business seems to be returning to normal.

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