Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More snow in the night

More snow in the night, just when I thought we might escape in the South. It’s still not as bad as most areas and we can get around although anyone using public transport such as rail, has difficulty.

I shall miss going for walks until after the thaw. Yesterday was just a little too icy for our liking and it would be dreadful to risk a broken limb at this stage. I feel a little in limbo at the moment regarding my treatment. I have only 4 more visits to radiotherapy which pleases me. The radiotherapists themselves are very hard-working and seem to waste no time but the delays are horrific. Whether the machines are not good enough, nor serviced regularly enough or whether the schedules are unrealistic, I’m not sure. The times for appointments are so precise e.g. 3.12 but I have only ever had my treatment once on time. In addition, the car parking is very, very time-consuming and I have to leave Ray to park the car while I go into the hospital to register my arrival.

Some of these hospitals have just grown too big. I realise economically there is a case for centralisation, particularly as much of the equipment is very expensive, but they have lost the human scale. It must be very difficult to assess how many people are really needed, especially in administration. There are really good people working there but I think it must be very difficult for them to cope with the systems as they exist at the moment.

We were so late yesterday, that I had to abandon any idea of going for my swine flu vaccination. The surgery were very good and offered me a later appointment but we were still at the hospital. As they are doing these vaccinations on set days, I think it might be wiser to go without as I shall be approaching my ENT operation soon and I’m not sure that it would be wise to be under the weather. Fortunately, swine flu has not been as virulent as first thought

As I write this, it is snowing very lightly so my daughter will have problems travelling by rail today. She has an archaeology course starting this evening and we just hope students won’t be deterred from attending so that the class will run. She is working hard to build up her teaching and needs a few more break-throughs.

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