Wednesday, 8 September 2010


As a family we are all waiting. Jonathan is waiting to see if he is required to work some extra days after this contract expires on 10th September. If he is not required to work, he would like to be able to come to France with us. We would thoroughly love that as we enjoy his company very much.

Anna is waiting for the results of interviews. She has been offered a job in Wales but the interviews for Bournemouth and Portsmouth are 9th and 28th September respectively. She can probably avoid giving an answer to Wales until after the Bournemouth interview but she can’t really swing it until 28th of this month. Portsmouth would actually be the easiest to get to from home but there are other factors including the lengths of the contracts and the type of work she would be required to do. The start to her whole professional future depends on the events of this month.

Raymond is waiting for a promised interim payment from the other side in his accident claim. They say the cheque has been signed and is on its way but so far no appearance. Last time our solicitor had to threaten to send in the bailiffs before they complied, so they are not really a very reputable firm to be dealing with. He has received a request to attend an appointment with an orthopaedic consultant on the Isle of Wight from the other side. This is for 28th September and we both hope to go. It will be one more hurdle to jump before the case is concluded.

I am waiting for the results of my PET scan. Is the lymphoma back? If so does it mean it’s only a matter of time? Is it clear? If so what is the medical significance of that?

I can't go out; I must wait by the phone. Nothing can be planned or decided until I know whether I have a future.

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  1. Hi Aliso
    I'm sure you do have a future!! But of course, for all of us the future is unknowable until it comes and then it isn't the future anymore. I do understand that waiting for test results are stressful, so I wanted to tell you a bit about my MCL story.

    I've been in remission from MCL for 3 years. I didn't have a transplant when I had chemo - my blood counts were really knocked out by the HyperCVAD, although my stem cells have just recently been collected for a future possible transplant if/when necessary.

    But ... what I really want to say is this: My doctor told me to think of MCL as a chronic disease, like asthma. It may come back (he says it will likely come back, but I'm hoping he's wrong!) and if it does we will just treat it with something else and expect me to go back into remission for 'x' number of years.

    So that's what I do. I feel positive and optimistic about my life. Days go by when I hardly (if at all) think about lymphoma. I'm actually about to go away on a 7 week overseas holiday (yippee!), and - life does go on in a wonderful and happy way! Yes, I guess there is a small elephant in the room, but following that analogy, it's more of a soft toy-size elephant than anything else!!

    Don't believe everything you read on the web about it. It's mostly several years out of date.