Thursday, 23 September 2010

Busy days ahead

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Anna is going to get the flat she wants in a village just outside of Wrexham. It is modern and spacious with two bedrooms so we and her other friends can visit her. Hopefully, all the paperwork will be done|

by this weekend. She will be staying with friends for a couple of days and she starts the new semester at Glendwr on Monday.

We have a busy few days ahead. Raymond begins a three day course tomorrow so is rushing around today organising printing and meeting course attendees. On Monday I have an appointment at the Marsden so Raymond will drive me up. I am hoping to stay at Jonathan’s as I have an appointment with the dermatologist on Tuesday. However, the Defendants’ insurers want Raymond to attend a medical appointment on Tuesday so it looks as if Raymond will have to drive back home on the Monday when he will be very tired.

The insurers have made the appointment both difficult and expensive. It is in Newport on the Isle of Wight at 9.15 a.m. This means he must take a car to drive from Cowes to Newport and the crossing from the mainland is very expensive. He hopes to come up to London to pick me up on Wednesday as I can’t use public transport.

Still we did have a very welcome break from the hospitals while we were in France. Hopefully, the CT scan will be carried out soon so that I can begin to make more plans about the future.

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