Friday, 10 September 2010

Keeping busy

Anna had all along thought that Bournemouth would be the best position to take if offered not only because it was close to home but she thought that the courses she was required to teach would be most compatible. However, the specification she had been given proved to be incorrect and she was not happy with what there. I cannot be more specific than that publically. In the end she was not offered the job and has accepted the one in North Wales.

This has meant having to cancel all her adult and continuing education classes which she has found difficult. However, we have reassured her that her classes would have been cancelled without any compunction by the colleges if they did not reach the required numbers, but she is loyal and conscientious. She must now think about moving. She had hoped to get a furnished flat so she could keep everything here to come back to especially since the post is maternity leave cover. However, there doesn’t seem to be much furnished accommodation available and she will have a lot to sort out in a short time. Fortunately, she has good friends who live in Wrexham who can offer her some good advice. That is a comfort to us as it means she won’t be lonely.

I have been trying to keep myself busy with cooking - nothing which requires any deep thought but needs attention. So I have made a glazed fruit tart with strawberries and nectarines as they must be used before we go away. My mobile phone is broken so I have been tied to the house awaiting a telephone call from the Marsden. I have, this afternoon, telephoned Dr Potter’s secretary and he is due from clinic in about 45 minutes. Yesterday she implied he was free this afternoon. As a lot of people go home early on Fridays I am not in a hopeful frame of mind. I have a horrid suspicion that I shall be going away without knowing the results of the scan. It is extremely difficult to write this blog at the moment but I can edit it again later so I shall publish.


At 5 p.m. the hospital called. The result once more is not really clear. Normally malignant lymphoma returns to its original site and that is clear. However, there are a few signs of slight activity elsewhere; these are not in the same place as the sites of slight activity I had for the last scan 3 months ago so this is puzzling. They propose to do a CT scan as a more localised form of scrutiny and a needle biopsy which I think is wise. One of the suggestions is that the strong nature of the skin rash may be causing problems as this can happen. So it is neither a death sentence nor a clean bill of health. I must submerge my anxiety and go on as normal.

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