Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wait and see

We’ve just returned from the Royal Marsden. There were several changes of plans. First of all Ray got a telephone call from his solicitors to the Marsden as they knew we would be there. The Defence’s orthopaedic surgeon has hurt his foot and can’t see Ray for his appointment tomorrow. How ironic that despite the inconvenience to us, it is they who have postponed, particularly in view of the very tight time schedule now set by the judge.

This changed everything as it meant Ray could stay overnight, attend the Marsden with me today and we could drive back – much more convenient than his having to return for me on Wednesday. We really enjoyed our stay with Jonathan and Josie and he received some excellent news over the telephone which we celebrated with champagne but which I can’t talk about just yet.

We were very conscious that it was Anna’s first day in her new post and in her new flat. She hopes to return this weekend to pick up some more belongings and work out what she will take back in a van to North Wales later on.

I had the usual blood tests and saw Dr Potter who is now suggesting an ENT specialist will be needed to examine my throat and possibly do a biopsy. After inhaling pentamidine I went to have a quickly arranged CT scan which Dr Potter hopes can throw more light on the appearing and disappearing lymph nodes. I am more worried about my throat and so is he. I can now feel a lump and I am not happy. I shall be glad to have this properly investigated.

Today I saw the consultant dermatologist. He confirmed that the skin rash is caused by GVHD which also upsets the lymph nodes. He suggested fine-tuning my current ointments etc. and not doing anything until we receive confirmation from the ENT specialist as to whether the lymphoma has returned. If I am clear he will arrange for me to have ultra violet treatment in Southampton. Once again it is wait and see time.

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