Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nothing is certain

We must wait to see how Anna has done in her interview at Bournemouth. The city was crowded when I took her to the railway station this morning and she arrived with only seconds to spare before her train left for Bournemouth. I am very sad that she may be moving away; it would be different if it were for a permanent job but this is the start of her professional career and we will do everything to encourage her.

Worryingly she has a heavy cold so I hope I don’t get it. I’ve kept quiet about it because I didn’t want to upset her but any infection is serious for me.

I shall know the results of my scan tomorrow afternoon so Dr Potter’s secretary tells me. He has not been in the hospital so has yet to look at my results. He always does the ward round on the Transplant Unit in the morning so I shan’t be able to talk to him until later on in the day.

It has been a day of uncertainty and only gradually are things beginning to work out. Jonathan’s contract which should end tomorrow has been extended which in many ways is good but it does prevent him from coming to France at the same time as us. He had been planning to camp; he camps in all weathers even in the depth of winter and certainly seems to enjoy it. Perhaps later in the year.

I hope tomorrow will bring some certainties to our lives. However, I do hope they will be for the good.

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