Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Back in the library

We have two outside telephone lines and they have now been mixed up for days and the internet is not yet working so I am back in the library. I find it very difficult being cut off from the outside world bearing in mind I am supposed to be in relative isolation. I went to the local library the other day and found it closed with just a hand-written note. Raymond went inside to find the decorators were in but no one had thought to say either why the library was closed or how long it would be closed for.

I have been to the Marsden twice in the past ten days but Monday's visit was a marathon. We left early in the morning and had blood taken. I then went to the pentamidine room as I have been taken off septrin in case it was lowering my red blood cell count. Apparently my red blood cells had fallen further so it was suggested I should have a transfusion. I said I would have one provided I could have it that day as this has been a busy week for us and I didn't want two consecutive days at the hospital.

The appointment with the doctor went well and he agreed that I could have one bag of blood rather than two so it could be fitted in. After that I went for my bone marrow biopsy. It's all happening because we are at the three month landmark. That was as painful as I remember but the afternoon was not over as it was back to the ward for a blood transfusion. We eventually got home at 7.30 p.m. and I was so exhausted I went straight to bed. I am back at the Marsden next week as I have a PET scan, another three month landmark. I just hope the results are encouraging.

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