Sunday, 27 June 2010

Being normal

As the likelihood of meeting people with infections is less in the height of summer I decided to join Raymond and the photographic group for lunch. This is a real excursion for me. If the Marsden use steroids to combat the graft versus host disease, this will increase my risk of succumbing to infections so I must make the most of my opportunities. It is nice to be normal although difficult this weather refusing salads or garnishes because of the risk posed by raw vegetables. Yesterday I made potato salad and even cooked the spring onions!

This afternoon while Raymond was finishing off the course, Anna and I watched the woeful England versus Germany game. I can’t say enjoyed it or would have done even if the scoreline hadn’t been so bad. Jonathan telephoned at half time; I think he was nearly hoarse from shouting at the television. We are both looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

This evening we went out for a drink after the course was finished. This is actually a luxury for me and it is good to do something together. It has been very hot today so we may appreciate it being a little cooler tomorrow when we are travelling. I never know what the temperature is going to be at the Marsden so I am prepared for all eventualities and I hope it goes well.

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