Saturday, 26 June 2010

Glorious weather

I’m still marvelling at having the internet back again. We take it for granted that we can communicate instantly with people which is especially useful for Ray with his courses and wonderful for me at the moment in my semi-isolation. I also hadn’t realized how often I use it for looking up information. Previously if I didn’t have the right reference book, if it wasn’t urgent it just wouldn’t have been done. Certainly it means patients have become much more knowledgeable about their conditions.

Reading about graft versus host disease is rather frightening so I think I shall try to absorb the information in small chunks as given to me by the hospital. It is a difficult and sometimes dangerous condition to treat but it would seem that most patients who have an unrelated donor go through this at some point and the symptoms can last some years. I am hoping that my symptoms will remain mild and therefore bearable.

I have had a little more energy this weekend. This has been useful as we’ve had a few more problems than usual in organizing this particular course. We mainly rely on students as photographic models and most have either gone home or are on holiday. However, the fact that the weather has been so wonderful also lifts my spirits and makes us all more cheerful.

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