Sunday, 18 October 2009

Seeking answers

Good to have a sing again in the choir, despite sinusitis. My breath control is terrible though and I felt quite dizzy afterwards but it was so good seeing everyone as I haven’t been well enough for a while. Singing is good for catarrh so it might be a good idea to get some more practice in.

We have a busy week ahead. As we see the barrister on Wednesday about Ray’s case against Biffa, our solicitor is wanting Ray to sign various documents so they can be submitted to Court. Although we have been urging the case, they have not been particularly active and it is all having to be done at the last minute. Some of the reports definitely need amending and this was pointed out months ago. I think the “no win, no fee” cases are all very well but there doesn’t seem to be the same sense of urgency.

On Tuesday we go to the Bone Marrow Clinic for an update. The strange thing is we have to wait (usually for about an hour) in the same waiting room as patients about to have a blood test. This seems odd for us with very low immunity as some of them will be having tests done because they are suffering from infectious illnesses.

The weather has now turned much cooler and we must order some logs to be delivered. Jonathan and Josie are coming down next weekend prior to my birthday and I’d like the wood-burning stove to be going by then so the house is warm and welcoming. I must say though it never really gets cold because of the AGA which comes into its own over the next few months.

I have spoken to my cousin today and we are arranging to visit them on my actual birthday to celebrate. We’ll go out for lunch and have a natter but I hope to ask my aunt some of the questions which have been bothering me about the past which she may be able to answer. I know neither she nor my cousin knew about my conception but I wonder how my parents explained adopting my brother at six years old, just after I was born. I’m still seeking answers even though I know the big questions will always remain now.

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