Thursday, 2 July 2009

The final trigger

I am writing this just as I am about to undergo my second day of chemotherapy this week.  I am not sure that it is working as well as expected so I may have to have some very serious weekly chemo in the future.  At the end of this week it will be three years since my husband had a serious accident and although the person who caused the accident has been found guilty in a court of law still the insurers, loss adjusters etc. acting for the other side are ducking and weaving to avoid paying out a just settlement.  The stress of this injustice has affected all of the family – but particularly my husband.


So far I have been looking at the effect of stress on the development of lymphoma.  No doubt what happened in the past has a bearing but when I was diagnosed I learnt that the disease was slow growing at the rate of 20%.  Some people have very indolent lymphoma which grows at about 5% and which can be controlled by tablets.


This makes me think that the final trigger may have happened just a few months before I became ill in early 2007.  I was very happy at the time.  I was working in a well-run and successful small independent school.  Both of my youngsters were doing well in their fields of study and work and my husband was proving very successful in his business.


When the accident occurred it was bad enough but the after-effects and procrastination by lawyers and insurers caused the deep-seated stress and changes to our lives which are still going on.


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