Friday, 3 July 2009

On 4th July 2006, my husband was in a stationery line of traffic having just left the M3.  It was a sunny morning.  Suddenly there was an almighty crash from behind and he was sent hurtling towards the steering wheel.  As the seat belt held, he remembers thinking he might escape harm but then he was sent hurtling back into the seat as he collided with the car in front and, at the moment of impact, he knew he had not.


Whether his subsequent memories are disjointed because he passed out or because of the head injury I am not sure, but he recollects trying to open the door of the car behind to help the occupants who were obviously seriously injured.  He remembers that he kept falling down and recalls looking at the driver of the waste disposal lorry that had ploughed into the 6 stationery cars at 58 miles per hour, who remained in his lorry cab talking on his mobile phone.


This was just the start of our troubles.  It is now three years since the accident and although the lorry driver has been successfully prosecuted my husband still suffers from his injuries.  Although the case has now been registered with the Court, I have no doubt the other side will use all the delaying tactics they can think of to avoid paying up.  Of course it is extremely stressful at a time when we should be spending valuable time together as a family, but the other side and their solicitors and insurers have no sympathy for the situation which they have caused.  We can only hope that justice will prevail.


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